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The problem with a new revamped room, that also happens to be our playroom, is that I want to keep it nice and tidy, and put the toys away every night , or even better- not let the kids play with the toys at all! keep them locked in the closets…the toys that is , not the kids!!!! My heart jollies every time I go in the room and I stretch my imagination to make it look like a Pottery Barn room, you know, if I squint my eyes, tilt my head to the left, hold my breath till my oxygen levels in the brain go down 39%, and tada- Catalog room with perfect kids. And I SWEAR!!!! I did not force her to play with a doll and him with Lego. and anyone who knows me will vouch for that truth.

Kyle and Zoe palying in their new room

Kyle and Zoe palying in their new room


what it looks like from thier beds

what it looks like from their beds

I swear!!!!

I swear!!!!

Ok, maybe I staged it a little...JUST KIDDING!

Ok, maybe I staged it a little...JUST KIDDING! If I had, Zoe would be wearing PINK

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November 12, 2009 - 2:03 am

Moving-in-Moving-out [personal] - dont smile now - Shani Barel - Tarzana Kids photography - [...] moving rooms around? that’s every other week…so this week, after 8 months in the playroom… kids got their old room back; and they love it…and of course, I GET THE BIG [...]

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