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If you look at my “about” you won’t see me wearing glasses, but I do. All the time. It’s not that I have to, it’s just that I can’t see without them. so well. so I make the decision every day to wear them…Zoe’s eyes were not working to the best of their ability and after visiting the doctor last week (and I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE I DIDN’T HAVE A CAMERA WITH ME…!!!!) she was prescribed glasses, and here we are. Besides the fact that they’re PINK, and that they’re a fashion accessory,  I suspect she really enjoys wearing them, because,  well, she can see again, and she doesn’t get a headache.. The small things that make us happy….

the stages of recognistion

the stages of recognition

just bacasue she loves the snake

just bacause she loves the snake

No, the floor isn

No, the floor isn't clean, but we do what need to for a photo.

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October 19, 2009 - 1:25 pm

Leonie - I love how she looks with them and it looks like she loves them too. Great photos !!!!! gorgeous girl. SO like her mom!!!

October 21, 2009 - 10:56 am

Christa Meola - Gorgeous shots Shani! Your daughter is so adorable! and she looks even cuter with the glasses.

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