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I have 2 kids- and they each like different things. Not because they like different things, but because they have to like something different than the other- if one wants to go left, the other right, if one like apple juice, the other is orange; blueberry jam vs strawberry, Batman Vs Spiderman and on and on. One day I just had it! My nerves are shattered enough in the mornings as it is, and having to settle food (choice) fights before 8am ( I never even get to make coffee before 9:15) had become a dreaded chore in the morning- “you made Pancakes YESTERDAY ! “You love pancakes!” ” NO I don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you made pancaked YESTERDAY!” (apparently just because they eat three pancakes and ask for more doesn’t mean they like it…!) so one day I finally made a chart- and what can I say???? mornings are so much easier, kids are happier, Mommy is happier- ALWAYS a good thing. Now if I could only apply it to dinners! Maybe that’s next…a girl’s gotta dream!

So Sunday- used to be French Toast,(no wirries, it’s still around)  but has now become “Croissant Day” it’s the Pillsbury kind, I confess, sometimes,  if I remember the night before I will take out the frozen ones from Trader Joe’s; but those are much harder for me to resist….I doubt I will EVER make them from scratch – a hundred layers of butter and all, but one day I will take these kids to France so they know the real real flavor of a melt in the mouth croissant. and I promise you- real croissant’s calories do not count!

too good to eat!

waiting for food

Sunday is my morning to get up with the kids

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