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Joshua’s mom has had some “bad luck” with photographers…I mean, tragedy hit the photographer before he delivered the photos, next, she had a photographer cancel, or more correctly – have  to be away, and that’s when I stepped in to the picture with a promise to be there, on time, and make it to the end…with images to show for it. but  every time  something small would happen to me, I would panic, and wonder- am I going to make it to the Bar Mitzvah- I just cannot disappoint  her, I just can’t do it! SO If I coughed I thought I was sick, if I scraped my finger I thought I’d get an infection, and when I drove, I made my way as  safely as humanly possible….I even spent the night before in the near by hotel so I wouldn’t have to drive early in the morning and hit traffic or have a flat tire…the night before,  I kept waking up every hour of fear of sleeping through my alarm clock…Luckily, and against all odds, I made it and was welcomed as one of the family – and I spent a wonderful fun day, and got back home , and I downloaded the photos and they were all there, and everything is good; and here they are! I present, Joshua’s Bar Mitzvah. And no, he is not getting a car for his 13th birthday, nor is he getting this car for his 16th birthday, but he did get a ride…

The  event was fabulous, and Car- themed, it was held at the very cool Marconi Museum , and the music was pumping, the food was fantastic, (24 Carrots ) and we all partied like we were 13 again…and there were bus rides back to the hotel!

Joshua. Josh.

Getting ready

Bar Mitzvah

Receiving the Torah

Need a ride?

Josh and his loving family

And this is just a small part of the family…

Julie – Thank you for trusting me with your day; it was a pleasure getting to know you and your family on such a happy day! To view the slideshow with the P-A-R-T-Y,  click here.

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July 12, 2010 - 2:12 pm

Leonie - Eize Kef ! enjoyed every minute!

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