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HA HA HA!!!!!!

If I was going to be completely honest, which I’m usually not…. (HMM if I usually not honest, that means I might be  lying when I say that I am not honest which means I am honest after all….!!! but do you believe someone who days they are usually not honest…? this is a question that I will have to answer personally if you really want to know – but now you’ll never know what to believe, HA HA HA!) but the point I was going to be completely honest about is that I am not a Halloween fan….Here I said it, and now you know!!! I suspect it was my mother who used to make us the most amazing costumes that I would kill for today ( if I even LIKED Halloween) but as a child, a self conscious child, I was uncomfortable being stared at, or worse, asked to explain my costume…thinking about it I am not sure I even HAD to explain, except to myself, in my head, but I do remember they were DIFFERENT from anybody else, and I didn’t understand it was cool to have your mom MAKE amazing costumes versus going to Target and buying one. Except for where I grew up there was no Target…Luckily for my children – I only take out my sewing machines when I need to get to something behind it, and lucky for them, even though I shopped with them on the 28th- we still found costumes that fit, and that they liked…and at 15% off none the less!!!! You see, procrastination has an upside after all…. Anyway, I am learning to like Halloween, I might even have a costume tomorrow ( I did last year…sort of….) which is apparently what I thought back then too… and I also found out my kids have a deep dark side to them… maybe we can sweeten them up tonight !!!!! YUM YUM YUM, MINE MINE MINE…..

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October 31, 2010 - 1:43 am

Leonie - They chose the most Halloweeny costumes possible.ya,,, the dark side :-).WONDERFUL. I had no idea who was behind grim outfit.
Back in the day when I was making costumes for you guys, everybody was making costumes for their kids. Almost. But I realize now, my tendency to offbeat ideas..could have been very hard on kids at a time when they just wanted to blend in. Now is my time to say SORRY KIDS, but at the time I had NO IDEA.
Love you

November 11, 2011 - 12:35 pm

Halloween « i love my little monsters - [...] has a dark side that comes out on October 31st… last year he was pretty scary too… so he picked a new skeleton which I may have forced a size too big _ those body suits just show [...]

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