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It was hard to say good bye - to the hair

It was really hard for me to agree to get Kyle’s hair cut- I loved it long, I loved it wild, and I loved how it made him Kyle. We have been celebrating the beginning of summer with a marine hair cut that would eliminate any need to wash/dry/move out of the way and avoid any funny mops on head - like we did last year and the year before – but this time the request came in early, and was quite unavoidable as kyle left arm became useless except for moving the hair out of his eyes. Write one letter, move hair, write another later, shake head to side to move hair out of eyes…and so on, an so on…so as any good mother would, we went to get a haircut, and break my heart one snip at a time…He didn’t want a crew cut yet, and i hope he does get one in the summer as it gets AWFULLY hot out here….and admittedly – it was a couple of weeks before we got used to the new look, and until the hair got used to itself, so I present, just a bit of a change on Kyle…and when it grows a little more, it’ll be time to get it all off! (and you may have seen him on FB already, but that doesn’t count!) I ADMIT THERE’S NOT MUCH OF  A DIFFERENCE, BUT STILL MERITS A BLOG POST!

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March 26, 2011 - 9:39 pm

Leonie Barel - WOW! what amazing shots of this stunning guy.Love both the pensive and the smiling Kyle. I MISS HIM!!!

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