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When I first came to America, with $100 in my pocket (and my dad’s credit card in my wallet…and my dad at my side too…) We traveled through the states in his Lincoln Mark VII – we did a lot of camping ( that was 10 years ago and I haven’t been in a tent since, nor have I had the pleasure of SPAM by eggs either…) but every once in a while, especially when we heading into coldtown, we got to spend a night at a hotel. Nothing fancy, but a little nicer than the air mattress(yes, we camped with air mattresses…we’re not THAT outdoorsy…) and every time I would take a picture of my bed – (I was fresh out of art school…)

In the next years, I traveled a bit with my husband, that was a step up from the motel 6s, but the photos remained the same. SInce we had kids we don’t get aways as much, but every once in a while I spend a night at hotel, especially for work, and I started capturing my morning bed again. This one is from this past weekend – I also have some recent ones somewhere in my wedding folders….and in the meantime – here are a few from the good ol’ days……

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June 17, 2011 - 4:26 am

dad - Great pictures and great theme. Funny, I didnt remember that – When I was in India I did the same thing – Sorry.

November 16, 2011 - 3:12 pm

[Events] - dont smile now - Shani Barel Photography- Los Angeles Based Photographer - [...] Last week I was on vacation. I didn’t GO on vacation, but I was on one… or whatever it is we want to call it – I was a way at a photography conference, which to me is like being on vacation – it was in San Diego, a lovely city, with a beach, restaurants, many tourist attractions, but all I really cared about was the photography conference…to me,  it was just like being at “art camp” for two days, there were lectures, conversations, meals, presentation, partying, and just talking photography … seriously geeky, and all the way fun! And besides, a chance to get a way , AWAY, for a couple of days – thanks to my husband, kid-sitter, sister in law and friend…it does take a village to get away from the village!  So of course I had to do this –  my bed at the Hard Rock Hotel, like I have done over the years… [...]

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