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The Painted Nail

Three weeks and ONE day ago, I was going over all my life problems ( I am VERY appreciative of what I have, of my family and my work, but yes, I admit, I too have SOME  issues…) and every way I tried to look at my problems, I realized, there was only a natural solution to this, and 99% of my problems will go away. It was a drastic action I needed to take, and after talking about it for a LONG time, I was finally ready and willing to actually do it. The cool thing is, that I was completely ready, and it had been easier than I thought it would be, and the results have been phenomenon. Now for some people it may seem obvious, and for some people it may not struggle with it the way I do, but some other know exactly what I am talking about… (or WILL)  The conclusion I came to, is, that like the rule I enforce on my kids, I TOO, cannot watch TV during the week…. Yes, that is the solutions to most of the problems in my life…. that easy! OK< not so easy… especially since I have about 3 shows a night recording on TIVO , not easy since I was a way for 2 of the weekends in my 3 weeks, not so simple since my husband is watching the “space left 34%” and wants to delete anything he thinks I may have watched and I really HAVEN’T, not so easy since there are now officially more shows recorded than time in a weekend…and who lets me watch TV on the weekend? the KIDS? Anyway, while I WAS watching TV, and speeding through the commercials, I saw a clip from the new reality show (an addiction I was able to kick last year before I got hooked on teenage shows on the CW) The show is the Nail Files on the TV guide channel (YUP). The show is about the Hot/Cool nail salon in Sherman Oaks (“Just outside Beverly Hills” end of Quote…) and I thought – I know this place, I’ve Shot it, I’ve shot her… For CRAVE…. How perfect is that? Now I am REALLY sorry that I dont have that gift certificate to the The Painted Nail anymore.

I just wish they had the full episodes online so I could watch them and claim it was “part of my job”….



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March 19, 2012 - 7:59 am

SvetlanaHillKovich - It’s always so beautiful when a blogger opens up to her readers and is honest about her life! Beautiful post and a gorgeous spa! :)

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