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Bat Mitzvah Portrait – what does it take?

As time goes by I lear, that diamonds are not the girl’s best friend, but the hair dryer is. Hair is one of those Make or break things in life ( Ok, I exaggerate – it’s not important  in LIFE, but it sure makes a girl look good on her photo shoot) so what DOES it take to have a successful bat Mitzvah portraits session? Well, in life, as in my shoots I think anything goes – but in shoots, like in LIFe the more prepared one is, the better things go – butI also know that as prepared as one is – we always have to leave room for chance and also for things to go wrong…because sometimes things run late, sometimes the preparations take too long, sometimes we cant decide and sometimes…things just happen. I’m saying it now because on this day not everything went as planned – but in the end everything went right – and it all started with a great blow dry – because, as feminist and progressive as I am – I still think a good hair day is all it takes!!!!

September 2, 2015 - 9:07 am

Leonie - Beautiful. Yup, I think it’s all about preparing well and then letting go so things happen, not being too stuck in the plan….

Time Flies when you’re having fun

As part of my “Going back in time series” or Throw Back Thursday ( that can really happen any day – if I am blogging, who can wait till NEXT Thursday…) Anyways, as part of my catching up on blogging after months of not doing so… I look back at one of my favorite sets of kids – I have photographed them a few times over the years but haven’t always blogged about it – but here’s an example from 2011  while this is from late 2014 (yeah yeah – that’s why it’s a Throw Back) and look how much they’ve grown – it’s just part of why I love photography (maybe it’s time for a 10 reasons why I love photography…I hear THAT’s good for site traffic) I am just envious of their mom for having such great photos! Maybe I should talk to my kids about doing that some time soon!


I thought I would spend my summer catching up on all the blog posts I always wanted to post and never had the time for – but guess what? Summer on vacation with the kids is probably the worst time to catch up on anything except for beach time… so a day before the kids go back to school and they’re spending some time with their friends and the kitchen has been cleaned – I took a  the few moments to look for a favorite session of Eva from a while back – and here it is – Eva – one of these moms who ooze COOL.. she’s a graphic designer, a yoga teacher and a stylist ( clothing stylist – not the hair kind…) and that’s just the outside stuff .. she’s also raising two beautiful girl and a husband who creates awesome art ( so I guess he’s an artist…) So – here’s my unofficial back to school post

August 17, 2015 - 1:19 pm

Tracy - This is gorgeous Shani! I just might need to do a studio session with you at some point … ;)

August 17, 2015 - 2:06 pm

shani - Tracy – That would be so much fun!

Oui, J’adore Paris!

So this post should be en Francais, but it’s just not as good as it used to be ( my French that is )  - but it’s funny, how without even realizing it – we shot this session on the anniversary of The Eiffel Tower opening… I didn’t know it was that day, nor did I know it would be a somewhat Parisian themed shoot, nor did I know that this girl is lucky enough to be spending the summer in paris , or I would have brought some macaroons… but since this mini Eiffel Tower will be displayed at her Bat Miztvah at the Bistro Garden coming up – we just had to drag it outside  and get a few photos with it (it doesnt fit inside the house… it’s an eiffel tower after all)- and those suitcases lying around n the living room containing mom’s papers? yes, bring those out too! We just gathered what we had and cooked ourselves a French je ne sais quoi!

April 2, 2015 - 9:34 am

leonie barel - Oui. J’adore les photos!!!

April 2, 2015 - 10:56 am

Nicolette Moku Photography - I love the Paris theme and your cute little touches of details! The tulips in the air is so cute!! Great shots!

April 2, 2015 - 9:11 pm

paulina - love this concept!! the ones of her in the chevron outfit are darling! =)

Inbar Lavi

This was months ago, maybe even more – actually probably a year ago – up and coming Inbar Lavi was starring in aFOX TV show and a story was being written about her for the Israeli Newspaper I’ve been freelancing for since I moved to Los Angeles – Yedioth Achronot… so these have been published  on the other side of the world and are JUST seeing the first blog light of day in my TBT series … hair and make up was by Kari Cottom and Inbar Lavi was able to secure a top notch fashion Stylist Marissa Peden witht he help of her assistant Alex Schmidt. The gorgeous gowns were from Lorena Sarbu Couture Georges Chakra Couture and the jewelry from XIV Karats,  Roseark, Jacquie Aiche



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