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second attempt, 2 in one day???

ok, I’m just getting it together, it’s my first time…relax, I’ll get it….

I was playing around with Aperture yesterday, I mean I was WORKING WORKING on Aperture and discovered, as usual 6 months later..(later than when I could have really used it) that I can design custom books that can later be exported to different uses and therefore printed in different sizes and places…to me, that’s EXCITING, to Emily?, not so much

This IS IT for real

So I’m staring at the screen and know that I can’t wait for the perfect thing to write, I just have to start and see how it goes and after a few of these attempts, I can start telling people, like you , that in my spare time I type my thoughts, as they come, I am making them up, the fingers are telling me what to write and the voices in my head are telling me I am crazy. I am SURE everyone’s blog starts the same way…right? NO???!!!!   my plan? to write every few days…Like the time long long ago when I was traveling across the states, far away from my home land, and felt the need and desire to comment about everything, especially about Starbucks…


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