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film is not dead

But it is very very old.

my Hasselblad hadn't seen the light of day since 2005

I know it’s a contradiction in terms, since I shot this photo with my Digital Camera…..BUT, I did also shoot a photo with Polaroid (and you can see that on my facebook page profile, and while you’re there- Befriend me…. and film, yes F-I-L-M, it is not a four letter word…. Neither is F.I.N.D Film Is Not Dead…I got this T-shirt in Las Vegas, from the AMAZING photographer Jonathan Canlas, who shoots film only, yes, film only. Now, I hadn’t touched film since my second child was born almost 5 years ago….and I am not saying I am converting- BUT what I am saying is that I miss my Hasselblad, I miss working slowly, I miss caring about every frame because each one counts, I miss having to WAIT to see my images, I miss the magic of TIME, time, from what I experienced, to what I expect to what I actually get- sometimes there’s disappointment – wrong exposure, not as sharp as I wanted, not as great as I had hoped)  and sometimes, sometimes there’s a photo, that I knew was IT when I clicked, but is so much better when printed. I miss all that. So I pulled out my camera, the Polaroid back, rolled a film (it’s like riding a bike, and much more exciting than changing a CF card- I don’t know exactly what it is, but there’s something about it…so here I am, playing with film…OK, not so fast- this photos was obviously created digitally, but I promise you, soon enough there will be  some film photos, that funnily enough, will be scanned, on to a  computer…and will end up being…. a digital file…..can you spell I.R.O.N.Y?  I.Rolled.Old.Negatives and got a digital file anywaY ?

Polaroid, unfortunately, is dead.

March 13, 2010 - 10:20 pm

Leonie - I know what you mean. Its like working with clay, the drying period, the firing, the shock or surprise when you open the kiln. Leaving something to intuition, chance, hope and the universe, and so something of a spark is created through loving the process. Yup I see the irony and I love that you have found that “stopping to roll the film” and make each one count, is like stop and smell the roses.

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