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Time for change

Less sleep more light

TIME goes by so fast- it seems like it was just yesterday I had sent my first time change reminder, but in fact it has been a year ago exactly- and Kyle did grow, it’s just another pair of pajamas….

It wasn’t easy, as usual to convince my kids to participate in my artistic endeavors. One would think that by now they’d be used to it- but the only thing they are used to is Mommy begging and eventually offering bribe, since threats don’t work….so tomorrow I have to get Kyle something- Zoe volunteered to be shot with her B, so she gets nothing….except for an amazing image of her and her favorite bunny of the first 5 years of her life.

once upon a TIME

no TIME like the present

so many kids, so little TIME

TIME of your life

third TIME's a charm

If you want to see more TIME phrases, follow this link– I love the internet…when I was growing up we used to imagine how we could ask a question, any question, and it would be answered- and voila, the internet; I didn’t think I’d live to see such a miracle in my lifeTIME, yet, TIME after TIME, I am proven that it’s only a matter of TIME.

and now it’s TIME for Zoe

Zoe with her Bunny B

B there or B square


to B or not to B

B happy

I'll B back!

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