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This is my cousin Nathaniel. His birthday is one day after my own Kyle’s, but just over 20 years difference. They are so much alike, in so many ways, except that Nathaniel likes food, LOVES food, will pretty much eat ANYTHING. Kyle’s idea of food variety is different shapes pasta, or different shaped chicken nuggets. Another difference is that Nathaniel can read, and write, and cook, and write about it, in his blog. I suspect he was inspired by my breakfast week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, ) and by Fast Food Nation – a must read book for anyone who cares about what they eat; not for diet and health reasons, but to understand the effects of fast food on our life, every aspect of our lives and our environment. (Now I am no fast food hater, nor am I an idealist- I am an ex vegetarian and a current notalotofmeateatarian.) SO check out his food blog, where he describes what he eats and cooks (photos included) on most days of the week, and make him continue on his FOODVENTUR…… I can’t wait for his next visit he stays with us and will cook every day – He’ll have better photos, and I will get better food. Actually- I will get FOOD.


And on a side note – Nathaniel was on of my first subjects when I was studying photography many many many years ago- one day I will look through my old photo boxes and find some.

and on a second side note – It seems like I’ve been doing lots of studio shots lately. I guess I have!

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