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Black Crow Studios

You might think your grandma’s kitchen wallpaper from 1971 is making a comeback and that if you moved in there you would totally keep it…but seriously,(Don’t)  AND that is not what Tracy Hiner of Black Crow Studios is talking about when she designs, and I quote :Black Crow Studios is a custom wallpaper company that pushes the traditional idea of wallpaper into the realm of Art. Her designs are bad ass wallpaper custom made for you! (end of quotes) and if you go to her website ( great music too) or her Blog you’ll see that Tracy is talented, edgy, unique, and will make you want to cover each wall in a huge wallpaper designed by her. Not from the 70’s. (and give yourself a good hour to follow the inspiring links on her blog….but be warned- you will get Art-Fever, and high! I met Tracy as part of the CRAVE book – I am participating in, featuring Women Business owners in LA, that have stuff we CRAVE!

and I can’t stop thinking about it because my bedroom is in DESPERATE need of a total makeover, so if anyone out there has connection with HGTV please hook me up, I finally have a room I have no idea how to handle!


The inspirations wall

Seriously, I love Tracy’s work ? creation area. Everywhere I looked there was some I liked and wanted. I was inspired to move my office space reorganization date after this hoot. And I did. I even have a n ispiration wall, and it has two tear sheets on it already.  Ineed to look through magazines more often, I have 20 feet of wall to fill.

With all the high-tech tools tracy uses, every design starts with real materials

Pencils. I envy those who know how to use them

April 10, 2010 - 1:21 am

Leonie - AHHHH. Fabulous. You can handle your room – you just havent had time to think about it!!!

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