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Happy Birthday Sophia

Time flies when you’re having fun, and as everyone around me celebrates their 5th birthday I realize, you know, that I’m not getting any younger, and more importantly, I have my own daughter’s party to plan…..I should ask Sophia’s mom for help because she always plans fantastic girls’ parties! And what fun it was- you can view the whole event right here in this slideshow.

This was my first time at The American Girl Store, and I was as anxious as the 5 year-olds to run inside and see the wonders this place offersr- and oh my god, it’s like the candy store for sugar lovers, the Disney store for Mickey fans and the photo store for photo-graphers…a sweet dream come true- or a nightmare come alive, depending on how you look at it, or what’s in your wallet… American Girl was started over twenty years ago and was originally available by catalog order only, A catalog that I used we would receive in the mail for the previous tenant where we lived, and even though I didn’t have kids back then, nor were there American Girl stores, nor was there a website- I would look through the pages and fantasize about the day I’d have a daughter and we’d get matching dolls with matching clothes, and sip pretend tea at our pretend little tables…….ok, if you know me at all you know it’s a lie!  I really did enjoy flipping through the pages, but my true fantasy world is a room full of Playmobil coming to life….and that was always one of my three wishes I would ask a magical fairy should she ever grant me three wishes ( I was 9 years old! I think it was right up there with world piece and health for humanity) but anyway- Sophia, turned 5 and her friends came to celebrate with her, with games, dolls, food and fun!


It's going to be a HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Sophia waiting for the place to open

Yes, I am 5!!!!

We are all American Girls

But which one is MY American Girl?

A perfect match

A moment

All American Girls

All American Girls

Lunch with friends

A very special friend

Like I said, lunch with friends

Happy Birthday to YOOOOUUUUUU!

Cyanotype is an old form of photography

It's time to go

What a perfect day!

April 27, 2010 - 8:42 pm

Leonie - THAT would have been MY dream come true! Oh so beautiful, what a joy of photos.

What a place !!!!!!!!! Thank goodness I already have my American Girl and Boy, or I would be LOST trying to choose one there.

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