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at home

Feels like home

I titled this post  “AT HOME” even though looking at the photos it doesn’t necessarily make sense. But for me it does. This is my dear friend, neighbor, and most importantly babysitter. And she has just returned from being away for a couple of years in which we missed her like hell. Not only becasue she was our almost every  Saturday-night sitter, not only because our kids love her, not only becasue she loves our kids, but because WE love her. And to watch her grow since the day she first knocked on our door and handed us her home printed business card with the tittle “baby-sitter” on it, almost 5 years ago, has been as rewarding as watching my own kids grow, even if I had nothing to do with it, being part of her life has been a pleasure and an honor! So a few weeks before her return to LA, she emailed to ask if I’d shoot some headshots to send with her resume. OF course, I’d love to , but I’ve got to warn you – that in all my headshot history the feedback has been- “These are beautiful, but why aren’t you smiling ” (in other words – we can’t use it for commercial work…)  Maybe I am off track, and maybe it’s not good to admit online, on your photography website, that “headshots” are not my forte…(but hey, have I EVER posted a Hollywood type headshot? I am not Don’t Smile Now for no reason) ANYWAY – for the small fee of a couple of short kid- sitting sessions (my children are no longer babies) I had her come over and get some “head shots” (not shown here…) and some creative stuff too. At home.

Almost a head shot

Those eyes!

She did get hired based on some other photos we took. AND her Resume!

The grass is greener over here

Or there

The “creative” shots

And wouldn’t it be nice if we had water too?

Good news! As of July 1st we  have water in the pool!

Paige – we wish you the best on your new journey and with making all your dreams come true! With love, us.

July 5, 2010 - 7:03 am

Leonie - Grown up, ( was it that long ago in Sandiego?) gorgeous, and must be very happy to have you as her photographer!!!

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