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Like Christmas in July

This town ain’t big enough for the two of us

It’s Summer, or  “third” way through summer – as our official summer break goes till mid September (!!!!!!), so in the meantime kids are at camp, and LOVING it! Every day they come home with a new song (in their heart too) and teach it to us over dinner (if we sat and had an actual dinner it would be dinner but it’s more like a food  gathering , in which I run around the kitchen gathering food my kids will eat – a bit like the hunter in the stone age, I too worry what the next meal is going to be…but I digress….as usual) ANYWAY, Every week has a theme, and this one is Cowboys (or western or whatever the PC term would be if we need one at this age, and day, and camp…) so I pulled out the dress up box, yes, we really do have one and  two! and after holding on to these boots for about three years they FINALLY AGREE to wear them!!! so they both got dressed up (Zoe eventually got into jeans with a jeans skirt OVER that, but by then it was bedtime, and they were in their room, and it was dark outside, it was night!!! ) until then, well, she had the boots on…and they are meant for walking and this day has come and they walk all over us…BUT, the moral of the story is…..there’s no moral, the one thing I wanted to tell you about and that made me the happiest is that when they were all dressed up, I heard a voice call from the other room ” Mommy, can you take out picture?’

Where’s the fire?




Mystery Man

Last year Kyle lost 2 teeth (it’s a funny story)– this year, he lost another two teeth, both at camp, both lost. As in lost, never to be seen again (luckily the tooth fairy has helpers who dig in dirt and dive to bottom of pools at night to retrieve them) so he still got his note and money…

Tooth #4

A day to evening outfit….

The good, the bad and the Kyle-y

July 30, 2010 - 10:15 am

Leonie - You MADE MY DAY !!!

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