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Under The Sea

This weekend I had the opportunity to shoot for and with Amanda Doublin, the fantabulous Amanda Doublin. For more than one reason. which I will list here. starting now. I met Amanda, what, about a year ago, on a couch at a photographer’s meeting in LA – we chatted briefly, exchanged cards, and when we got home we both checked each other’s sites, and both loved what we saw –  We were similar, and yet so different, but we both have a girl named Zoe, so we became best friends. on FACEBOOK. I mean, who has time to really meet, right? Meanwhile, Amanda launched a new site, had a new baby, and continued to shoot weddings in her own unique, quirky, vintage, fun, different style.  So when I got her message asking me to shoot with her, I was beyond thrilled, I didn’t even try to be cool about it. I like to second shoot. We all know weddings are high pressure events, and sometimes, it’s just nice to walk around and really document the event – becasue as a second shooter, I don’t direct, I find my own different angle, I mean, Amanda doesn’t really need another shot that looks exactly like hers only a little to the right…As a second shooter I also get shipped off to the boys, which is always fun. At first they play it cool, and tough, and pretend they don’t want their photo taken, but after a few clicks, flashes and jokes, they forget I am there, they forget I am a girl, and they are funny to be around. But the best thing about being a second shooter is learning first hand how other photographers are doing it ….I learn and I get inspired, and usually, I am quite amazed, that two people, being in the same place, see things so differently, even in the same room. I absolutely loved working with Amanda, and I was SHOCKED, can I say SHOCKED, when I saw she had already posted her photos, her GORGEOUS images-  I mean really? I have barely even looked at mine!!!! So here they are…Amanda- it was a pleasure working with you, thank you for this. And here’s the sweet newly weds – Micahel and Rhiannon – like the song.

The Dress

Getting Dressed


I'll explain in a minute

So Rhiannon, wanted to be the one tying all the bows of the boys ties. All of them, starting with the groom. But she didn’t want him to see her before the wedding…the solution? I am guessing it was a shower gift that hopefully will only be used inside out….

Like this.....

How did people survive without an iphone?

Being a bride, just about to get married, after months of preparations, nights of no sleep and hours of getting ready, and still willing, and wanting to be the tie tier, is very brave, or very, never mind. Nerves must have played a part in this, and luckily there’s an APP for that…..

Barbie Girl

The Belamar had the coolest Art and furniture…



The calm before...

....The Storm

Out side was so pretty

And quiet

They do

They did...

"The Formals"

The third shooter...

Decorating the Getaway car...

Rhiannon and Micheal. Just Married.

August 12, 2010 - 12:37 pm

amanda doublin - omg shani. the things you caught i had no idea about?!?!? (shooting from inside the car for the decorating… genius!)

i just love you, thank you so much for being my wing man!

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