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Oh My Gosh is right – It has been a MONTH!!!! of no posts…no facebook, definitely no tweeting…and besides the huge sign from my last post that says 11/11/10, I know it has been a long time because my mom emailed to ask if I was ok because I am not on facebook and my blog hadn’t been updated. She can understand I may not call for a few weeks, but NOT BLOG? Yes, I have been busy – or tired, or watched too much TV…I just didn’t get to it, and not because lack of shoots to blog about. It has been a busy Holiday Season, and I am working around the clock to finish everything, while still having a life. Or sort of a life, because not calling my mom qualifies as not having a life. So I had to choose between calling my mom and blogging….and you can tell who won. Plus, my mom is on a 10 hour difference and busier than I am….and then I’ll update my status as “I’d rather blog than call my mom” and make a T-shirt with the slogan….and magnets. And cards. And stickers.

Anyway – I shot over 50 mini shoots at a school – over the month of October that was filled with rain and that’s why it took a month instead of two weeks, and while the project winds down I have the time to share some of the photos- so here’s a session of two sweet and adorable sisters….

December 9, 2010 - 11:51 pm

Leonie - Good to see you blogging, and thanks for the subliminal messages in the blog :-) Love the photos and looking forward to the next batch! Visual communication counts!! It definitely does. Love, Mom.

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