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On a Rainy Afternoon

Can you belive how nice it was last week

Scheduling an outdoor shoot in California is usually a low risk bet. Even in December. So when I was told that our annual  “next generation of classics” I wasn’t too concerned. Luckily, it was not TODAY. As today it is POURING. it is a definite stay at home under the blankets kind of day. A watch TV while sipping hot chocolate kind of day. It’s a “just a minute I’ll finish this blog post and come play cards with you” kind of day. But last week – was gorgeous, it was one of those ho hot days you can’t believe it’s winter and that Christmas is just a few days away… and so the shoot went well, and even though it is VERY different than all our previous shoots, and  I mean DIFFERENT – I think, even though I am the one who did the shooting so I am not sure my opinion really counts, I think  it turned out kinda’ cool! so If you’re one of the people who were there – and you got your prints in the mail today, and they are hopefully dry (!) and thank you for making it  such a special memory! and I hope to see you again, next year, at Knoll’s newly remodeled showroom….

At the end of the day my kids showed up and tried on every chair on the grounds. Since I wasn’t there to make them wear some matching clothes that  would look good in the back yard with mid century modern furniture ( the previous century of course) I had to turn their image to black and White. and I swear- that is what I told Kyle when he asked me. And I tried to be very nice about it too. We’ll see if it comes back to haunt me when he’s 15….

March 2, 2012 - 12:52 pm

luisaveloz - love it!!!!! …these pictures are so beautiful and perfect <3 <3 <3

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