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I love books….I didn’t say I love reading, I love picture books, but I also love reading….but since I have lowered my reading rate to almost non existent (though I did just gobble up The Help) It leaves the picture books…and I don’t mean the kids’ kind, that I do find  absolutely amazing…! anyway,,,in the old days, like a million years ago – I used to read a lot, and go to galleries, and watch movies at the cinematheque, and just generally cultured in the arts….but those were the Paris days, when I’d spend enough time on the metro to finish a couple of books a week, and on every corner was a museum  ro galley with the latest photography sensation, (and beauty was everywhere…) And these days, as I try to multitask by watching TV AND writing a blog ( and no, it doesn’t really work…) These days all I have are memories and a collection of books, that I am officially, (FINALLY) declaring my A. Book (report )Club and B. My monthly Buy a Book Club – which means that every month (or so) I budget $25 to buy a new (or used) fantastic photo art book….and if it’s every other month – it might cost me $50…Which together with my computer, is what I would save if we were evacuating….and to kick it off I am writing my book report about Pierre et Gilles that was given to me by my dear friend Shayn! Thank you Shayn. I think it’s obvious why I picked the  photo of Jean Paul Gaultier….OK – As I try to write about this…I can’t, and not just becasue it’s late at night, but becasue I haven’t had to write a school assignment in over 10 years, and even in school I wasn’t so good at it….so  here’s just a google search for Pierre et Gilles, if you want to read some more….and check on every First Friday of a month, or every few Fridays, for a few more links about my favorite photographers, and why they inspired me…( or maybe it will just be some links to others who have already written about it…)

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