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home is where your Starbucks knows your name….

Shani Barel returns home
It’s good to be home. I was a way for a month! And even though I had my camera and laptop with me the whole time , as I was SURE i would be blogging every other day, and documenting every precious moment on my extended vacation….well, it’s not exactly what happened…turns out, as much as I love taking pictures, and as much as I love my blog…it’s work, and as soon as I let got of the notion of work on my extended holiday, it became, a holiday! I was calm, I was relaxed, I had no where to be, I had nothing to do…I was just me, and I was there. I had time for my kids, I had time for myself, I had time for my family and I had time to sleep…basically, I had time….and it was wonderful! And it’s also nice to be back! We landed at 7 am, and my friend was nice enough to stop at a Starbucks where I could, how AMERICAN of me, order my warm milk disguised as coffee, give them my name, knowing they didn’t catch it, and sip the familiar flavor of home. I know, it’s sad, that that’s what warms my heart, but it really is more than what it seems, as Starbucks has been a symbol for me ever since I came to the states almost 11 years ago – and it contains memories from every different state I visited…so there it is. And as I am back, and most of the ceramics safely with me – I had to take a picture of the kids’s creations (with the help of Granny) and include a few snapshot memories of or month of reverie and irresponsibility. and the good news? Camp starts on Monday!

July 29, 2011 - 10:16 pm

leonie - You captured it ! wonderful shots.. I miss you all but glad you are happy to be home.
love you

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