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and Kelly

I knew it had been a long time, I saw that many new buildings had been built in the neighborhood, and the road leading to the home had a roundabout added to it…but I didn’t realize it had been almost 20 years ago that I used to stay at my (at the time) Boyfriend’s mom’s lovely home. My first serious boyfriend and I split ¬†long ago, we have since each married (other people) and and have children of our own, but somehow our lives still cross paths, and when his mom, the artist Nira Ben Hur asked me to photograph her for her upcoming retrospective exhibition and book, I was honored and nervous at the same time. Walking into the house, was like returning to kindergarten as an adult; Everything is exactly the way I remembered it, but so different. Or was I different? I like to think I have changed – but really, I have stayed the same, and just learned to manage thoughts, feelings and behavior. Walking around, strong memories flooded my heart – I wanted to recapture those memories and wondered – about life, love and choices made. As Nira and I were catching up, I couldn’t help point my camera at the things I loved then and still do now. Not just a beautiful home, but for a moment, my very own private time capsule that had been reopened.

And kelly? Kelly was my dog. She ate all my stuff and I still loved her to bits. When I moved , my boyfriend took her, and when he moved, he gave her to his mom, who took the best care of her, more then I ever did, more than any dog, any person,  could hope for. Kelly must have died over 10 years ago, and even though a new a dog came along, her name still remains on her doorbell- this way she gets to keep watch.

This sculptor was given to Nira, by my mom, apparently based on me…can you see it?

August 19, 2011 - 1:20 am

leonie - Fabulous post, gorgeous shots! Lovely house.

August 25, 2011 - 11:48 am

riva talmor - it was lovely reading and watching the photos of all. i really enjoyed it.

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