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This is the preschool my kids used to go to – it’s a wonderful school just a few blocks a way from my home – it’s where they went every day  (except if they were really ill)   – where they learned their letters (ok, that was Sesame Street) where they bonded with their first best friends, (who both moved away at some point) where they were potty trained (because I would never have been able to do it on my own…) where kyle lost his second tooth and the teacher arranged for a treasure hunt (AND FOUND IT!!!) where Zoe refused to lay down for nap (for the first month) where Kyle got stung by a bee (and found out he was allergic) where Zoe let her teacher comb her hair (while at home she’d scream at the sight of a brush) and so many more fantastic memories – and that’s part of the reason I enjoy going back (for  two weeks in a row, my second  year now ) to photograph the “next generation” and raise money for the parents’ association…The parents pay for a photo session – the entire fee goes towards the school, and I photograph the  beautiful kids – and if they want to purchase artwork of their children’s adorable faces – they get in touch with me!

Just look at this cute little couple of brother and sister  – I have known him since he was in Zoe’s group and I’ve known her since she was in her mommy’s belly…which always reminds me of how time flies and  is a rude awakening to how old I am getting..ouch!

OK – So I know raising money for a parents association at a private preschool in the valley is not exactly being part of doctors without borders- but one’s gotta start somewhere :))

August 20, 2015 - 7:54 am

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