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Knoll 2011 The Next Generation of Dessers

knoll furniture
I know it’s Christmas when we gear up for our knoll shoot – we’ve been shooting it for 5 years now and it’s still as fun as it was the first time…Using classic furniture from the knoll collection – and daring to do thing on it we’re not allowed to do any other day of the year, raises the levels of fun (the pricier the piece the higher the fun-risk factor, and it goes HIGH..- between $1500 and 15000) so we tried to have everyone take their shoes off…

This year I was smart and I had my kids attend at the END of the day…so I could really let the loose and not worry about other kids waiting (“who let those kids ahead in line?” or “mommy – can you put the camera down and come with me to see the cookies I decorated” sounds were totally avoided..and I even got to get into some family shots (not shown today) .

so as we announce the official start of the Holiday season – I wish you all a Joyful, Healthy, Prosperous Season and year! (and life time of Happiness while we’re at it! )

If you attended the event and wanted to see the rest of the photos – you can follow this link: more knoll

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