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Or a tale of a girl with a dream…it’s all how you look at it. That girl is not me, that’s not my story, yet – ok, maybe I am following, but I have not caught up yet. The story is about a girl named Jasmine Star, and she tells her story best. I am shamefully, a little obsessed with following her. I am embarrassed of it, as I had never really been an active fan of anyone…and before facebook I never “clicked on a fan button”. And the only thing I really ever liked before was Snoopy. I first heard about Jasmine Star and her rise to fame a couple of years back, and she was already famous in the wedding industry world as a break out success…a super nice, friendly, witty, funny and beautiful young woman, daring to leave one dream behind to follow a bigger dream, and telling her story along the way. Since then she has shared not just her  personal experiences, (the good, the bad and the fugly) but all of her business experiences, and I mean ALL of it, she has held back nothing…and every so often (and it’s often) when I check back to  her blog, I find something new that truly helps me in my own business. The hard part has been following her main preach which is “be yourself”…which is hard to do after viewing other photographer’s blogs namely, Jasmine’s (yes, going first name basis…) and then, not comparing, not being jealous, not getting winded by all that I still want and need or should do,  and still remembering who I am,  my strengths and successes instead of my shortcomings. So  as much as I resent being so Star – Struck… I ended up pay-paling (because paypal money is play money right?) my way to ordering Exposed….which really,even without paypal,  is affordable.

Today, only a couple of days after, I received this envelope..and in a true J*  fashion (no pun intended, AND yes, we’re going logo basis now…) I snapped a moment of anticipation. It is night now, and I was out for our PUG christmas party, and Jasmine still resides in her plastic wrap like a new barbie doll – I want to take her out and play, but I also want to keep her int he box, and I also am afraid of what I will find – am I secure enough in myself to read this vast magazine as inspiration? because seriously, how DOES she do that?

As I prepare for the end of the year, I have already cleared my drawers – the physical drawers, as I prepare for the mental de-cluttering of my brain…This year, for real, I am getting things together – and I am using every tool within my power – and one of them, is being obsessed, and being a girl with a dream, a fulfilled dream.


December 25, 2011 - 4:46 am

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