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Being 13

I may have titled a blog post “being 13” before – (Nope- I ‘ve run a search and this is the first…) it resonates with me, because I remember being 13, I REMEMBER being 13…I dont know what it was like for others – but I remember for me, it was the beginning of self searching – up until the, it was all butterflies and flowers, Snoopy and Mickey, nintendo and Atari, beaches and pools, reading and dreaming. And then I turned 12, and then 13. I started noticing the world around me, realizing I was not the center of it all. I still strugle wh THAT concept… :) I remember being in pain of the realization that the world around us (once I got over the fact that it didn’t revolve around me) was not as pretty, as naive, as nice and fair and just as I thought it was. It was time to re-examine my concepts of my surroundings. Now, I could be romanticizing my “Shani’s Spring” or it could have taken place years before, or after… but when I think about being 13, and when I meet  13 year olds I go back to that feeling – the feeling of discovering the world beyond me, and realizing it is not perfect. I want to say I miss that naivite, but really, I haven’t completely lost it, and being surrounded by dancing teens at a saturday night party, or hanging out with them on a beachy afternoon – I just let their youth rub off on me a little, so that I can keep that same passion for life that they have, that I have, that  I had, at 13. I totally didn’t mean for this post to be a introspection into year far gone, but it is why I love being part of Bar and bat Mitzvahs.. it’s that age between childhood  and adolescents, right before they become just too cool for us grown ups…

And talking about years gone by – I’ve known Jonathan’s mom for at least 10 years, and have an adorable photo of him with my son, when he was 6 months old, so that’s 7.5 years AGO! so being able to photograph him and his parents as a young man, was a sweet moment… (and a reminder how fast time pass and if I blink too many times it will be Kyle’s bar Mitzvah too and I have not saved his Montage pictures in an easy access place) anyway, back to Jonathan – these beach shots were made way back in May – at the always lovely Malibu, California beach. The Bar Mitzvah photos to follow in another post. If you want to view the whole portrait session slideshow click here.

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