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The Prima Ballerina Show

So I may have an issue with watching too much TV… I may read more books between seasons…and watch much more when it’s back…. and I know you’re wondering what I watch, and when I tell you, you’ll wonder why. So I’ll start with the answer. Once upon a time  (up until 9 years ago) I was an educated, “au courant” young lady who loved movies, read a book a week, visited museums and galleries, traveled the world, watched the news, on BBC and had a long list of documentaries on my Netflix.  And then I got pregnant. And even though the body provides all the nutrients the baby needs, I suspect some of my brain cells went to build Kyle’s actual brain. (I am not saying he has more than anyone else – in fact, the second hand must have been erased before reinstalled in his brain) What I am saying, that after 9 months of 3 Netflix CD sitting on the mantel waiting to be watched, I realized it was time to update my list with what I now refer to”Princess Diary Movies”. If there’s a movie with a  teenager girl, socially awkward, who’s in love with the cool boy, is teased by the mean,  has a geeky best friend , that by the end of predictable 90 minutes has transformed into a a gorgeous could be model rule the world hot girl who actually gets the truly cool boy who was her best friend all along…. then I have watched it! So these days, after two kids, juvenile homework endless play dates  and packing ziploced lunches for years on end, I cant even watch a full 90 minute movie … well, that’s not true, it’s just there are SO MANY TV shows that feature pretty much the same story line or close enough… pretty girl, hot boy, amazing clothes, another hot girl, same cute guy, another bitchy girl, meets pretty girl, chases hot boy out…as long as they’re wearing high fashion, scheming to rule the school and drinking underage… Ia m probably watching it! Gossip Girl, Beverly Hills, Switched At Birth, The Lying Game, Jane By Design, Make It Or break it, revenge…am I forgetting anything? I am sure there are many more shows that I have not tivoed,s and just don’t have enough room on the manage list to record…but I am happy with the short list, especially since I have JUST enough brain cells to watch the show AND blog at the same time….at the same time, oh, I said that already.

Now I haven’t watched a show about Ballerinas (I did get a rare movie outing to watch Black Swan though) but I definitely think they should make one – and if they did, Of COURSE I would watch it!




And since I have been shooting for Knoll for years now – it’s cool to watch the generation grow


February 8, 2012 - 10:14 am

Carol Blanchard - Darian, you look so beautiful. My favorite one is of you standing on point; love your smile.

Aunt Carol

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