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Twin Day

Coincidentally, my kids’s school is having Twin Day today… which means we’ll see a lot of little girls in matching outfits, (and boys too) last year I had to make a mutual last minute trip to target to buy matching outfits with her friend. This year I am all about technology, (and about NOT going to Target) so I used my newly procured nifty iPhone and photographed some shirts that I thought her “twin” might have, emailed her some options, and we picked a match! How 2012 is that?? and like my Mac and iPhone Guru Dylan Stewart has pointed out to me;  “The Future is NOW”. I asked Siri “what should Zoe wear to school?” so she found 20 schools that are fairly close to me….turns out our school we walt to and back every day is 0.4 miles away from my location… which means, if I took the LONG way home, I OCULD be walking at least a mile a day! that sounds like a lot! But back to the twins – A couple of weeks ago I photographed Sammy and Jordan- I think…. :) There’s a big difference between shooting head shots and just kids shots, and I really enjoy photographing both ways, and allow myself some cross overs – as agents just need a couple of shots, I can’t let a cute cooperative kid get away with just a smily shot, and I can’t get a non working kids not have a look me in the eye and tell me “I’m a star! “. So here are some of the shots that I loved, they didn’t all “make the cut” but they made it to mine!

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