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Of course, one of the best things about living in California, especially in the los Angeles area,  is the weather. And it’s also one of the worst. The great thing is that it almost ALWAYS Sunny. and warm. Seriously – my kids have one Jacket and he wears it over his T-shirt, and by the time I pick him up from school it’s crumpled up at the bottom of his back pack… On a cold day, he’ll actually zip the sweater…. The down side is drought. OK< maybe I’m exaggerating, on all accounts, but it does make me smile when someone says “it’s such a nice day today! ” and I think, yes, just like YESTERDAY, and probably tomorrow too….Usually in February we get a few days of rain and then everyone is so surprised that it hasn’t rained like this in FORVER (t did, a year ago exactly… !) so really, not too many downsides to this amazing comfortable sunny-ness…except for rarely do we see a variety of fall colors… we read about them in books, we see them in pictures and we dream about it… we occasionally collect a tri-colored leaf, if the tidiness obsessed neighbors hadn’t swept them up before dawn! All this introduction is because I am posting photos from november… and in them we were able to compile a little bunch of leaves and lay Emily in them…. A moment of fall…to see it is to believe it, but to be a photographer is to tell a story that isn’t always there… and a picture of fall is really just a fragment, yet we’ll remember it as a luscious bed of leaves! Anyways… Fall or winter summer or spring – it’s been three years since my first session with Emily and it’s wonderful to see her grow through the seasons!

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