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The Boys

Now that I am old, I mean, older, no, I mean, wiser… whatever… I am no kid anymore… I live vicariously through my children… no, that’s not it either, but what does happen to me sometimes, is that I am able to glimpse back into my childhood, and remember what the world seemed through my eyes as a 7 or 8 year old, the ages my kids are now…I love that feeling, a memory rushing back, going back to my younger self, re-living the moment, and then, re-living it again, and again, as myself today, the older self, I mean wiser… I always get new insights into those moments – sometimes they just shed a new light, sometimes they dispel my fantasy, and sometimes, just sometimes, ¬†they enhance my appreciation for my childhood, my parents, my life. Looking at the above image of Robert and Paul, I wonder, how big does Robert look to Paul, how much of a big brother hero is he? How will he forever remember these moments they spent together, kidding, loving, walking, running, hugging, tickling… how will this moment affect this 7 year old for the rest of his life? What will he think about these images in 20 years?

I love photography, and more than capturing a moment in time, it’s creating one, and recreates it over and over again.

And of course, knowing this family – siblings and parents, I know that many wonderful memories are created every day of their lives, and I am just happy I am in a small way, a part of this family, forever.


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