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Happy New Year 2013

2 kids in a field

The only resolution I made this year – was to not make any resolutions. This year I decided to just do what I want to do, without making big promises to myself or to the world. I thought about it – preparing for the inevitable change of numbers, and I realize as I write, having changed my own number – that  to avoid a set of disappointments in myself or feeling of failure, the best thing I could do for myself is drop all the “should”s, and go with the “do”s. Which means, for better or for worse, a few long nights with my computer on my lap, the TV on in the background, and my mind going back and forth listig my to dos, my schedule, my plans with the kids, a book I want to catch up on, and  what the future holds…..What I have been practicing and has worked in an unexpected way is finding my gratitude. OK – I know it doesn’t sound like me – I don’t go THERE, but, it was working for me, and in the past few weeks I had lost that confidence that came from realizing I had everything I needed – on the outside, and more so in the INSIDE, so this blog post, a letter to myself that anyone could read, is to remind myself that that statement and state of mind still stands true. So as I celebrate the New Year in the best way I could imagine – an evening with friends and their children – playing games (celebrity and Apples to Apples) and at midnight , (the real Pacific Standard midnight, not the 9pm one we’re used to)  kissing my husband who had met on New Year’s eve 12 years but did not kiss back then….and ending it, with my laptop and The Game of Thrones on… (apparently harder to do than I expected since there seems to be a lot I need to pay attention to on the TV… ) so with this I bid you – a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

And even though I am not making any promises … I have to fulfill my grandparents wish for photos of Kyle and Zoe

Zoe - the beautiful girl

January 1, 2013 - 9:25 am

leonie Barel - Happy new year darling daughter. Thank you for everything, all and then some, for being you. And especially for those amazing kids in these incredible photos.
If you have to live so far away thank heavens you are such an amazing photographer!
love you all

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