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When I first moved to America, and settled in Los Angeles, I thought the last place I would live is the VALLEY… I had only heard about the Valley from Andrea Zuckerman on Beverly Hills 90210, the original…(which I always had to fight my brothers who wanted to watch Star Trek and I always lost and there was no tivo or internet, and I am not even sure we had a VCR or that I knew how to use it… ) ANYWAYS…I did end up in the valley after all… two kids will do that to you, and to my surprise I realised that the valley is actually the best kept secret that valley people keep from city folks who look down at us provincials beyond the 405 and we let them conitnue believing that fighting traffic, looking for parking, and having to shop at city Target is THE LIFE… The San Fernando has unbelievably beautiful pockets to live in, but the main drag, the longest street in Los Angeles, Ventura Blvd, is plainly said, CHARMLESS.. when we drive down the blvd we cant help but repeating our “no charm” mantra… but every few blocks or so there’s a little piece of my past life in the city which is defined by sitting at a cafe – not a diner, not a restaurant and not a starbucks, but a combination of them all. One of the favorites is just down the street and boasts, and I agree an amazing coffee (however, not the best Soy Latte, eeww..) amazing salads, free wifi and great ambiance. one of my favorite memories here  are attempting get my dad to lunch here – he took one look at the menu and begged me to go to a diner… my dad’s famous for his strict diet of meat and potatoes and his dislike of any green garnishes, let alone salad touching his plate… I, on the other hand am vegetarian – so I can eat almost every dish ont he menu and it is SO delicious! So you can understand my delight when I got to photograph my hangout in the valley. And if you want a recommendation – the Kale salad, hands down!

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