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Zuma Beach – Last Day of Summer (Vacation)

I got the Fitbit  just over a week ago – essentially a fancy step-o-meter that counts your steps and syncs with an app in which you can track your walks, your workouts, you food and water intake aswell as sleep and weight gain or loss… basically it can keep you honest. For the first few days I wore it I was amazed at how little I walked – I was home all day – working on the computer and occasionally making my way tot the kitchen to eat something – most of my steps were taken by making my way to the kitchen to eat something – and I refuse to write down what I ate because that just messes with my psyche, my eating habits and my self esteem – ( I have addressed this issue before and about a two months go decided, yes decided, to love my body as it is and stop wasting time on worrying about it) Anyways….I had a gift certificate and I used it to get the fitbit ( I got the Zip one) and I attach it to my pants and I count… first few days as I mentioned, I was very far from my goal of 10,000 steps a day… but on Saturday – a day I shot a Bat Mitzvah – I easily (ok it wasn’t easy, it’s a lot of steps) I made it, and I have every day since… yes, I know it’s only three days! But there’s a point to the story – and  that is – that now, instead of just sitting around at the beach, I actually got off my butt and walked around – and on the day I remembered to bring “my black and white camera” and forced myself to look around… I love the feeling of using the camera that doesn’t show me the image right away – that forces me to shoot in black and white that makes me challenge myself to find things to capture when I am not obligated by contract and don’t have to please anyone but myself – and that are not shot on the iphone! So this is how Fitbit made me a better photographer! And as I look at these photos after I dropped off the kids at school for their first dy back – I just wonder to myself – how were we not at the beach every single day of the summer? Luckily – it ain’t over yet, and if you live in Southern California – you know it’s pretty much the same all year round – so we’ll be back!

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