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A Malibu Engagement

Henry and Alex are the non traditional couple who are going to have a non-wedding, wedding…but we still got to do  a portraits session – we went to the Malibu Creek State Park for a nice little hike. last time I was there, many years ago. I was there on a family shoot, and we walked for what seemed like forever till we got to this fallen tree… I say it seemed like forever, I suspect because kids were involved, and time slows down when kids are around.. IN A GOOD WAY… hhmmm…Anyways, We wanted to find that tree, and it took forever, because on every bend and under every tree I had to stop and take a few shots… and then I’d say, OK we’re not stopping until we make it to the tree… and then I’d say – “stop, I just want to take a few shots here…” We finally made it… it was quite the awesome tree, but neither of us are kids anymore so climbing was not as easy as I imagined it would be… no worries, no animals were injured while shooting… but I did take a nasty fall as the end, I mean, it’s me, I don’t LOOK where I’m going… I was bound to fall this time. At least I didn’t step on Cacti again!

Henry and Alex, I look forward to your non wedding! Until the, stay safe.. oh, wait, that’s me…. :)


And if you want to see how the whole thing unfolds, to music…. click The Slideshow

Summer Special


The funny thing about this picture, is that today, when Zoe was at her lesson with Little Dolphins Swim School, she was finally able to pull her right tooth out…so she no longer has this funny grin with one little tooth, one big tooth…It was Zoe’s Birthday last week, and it just hits me how much she’s growing, and how much she changes all the time….And even though she’s most excited about taking pictures, she refused to participate in this shoot, but as soon as I started photographing Kyle she found a way to take the spotlight….And just in time too since July 4th creeped up on me  just after Father’s Day and barely left me any planning time…ad what a great way to start summer….? So try to stay cool… and carry on.


July 4, 2012 - 10:17 am

Paul Drecksler - Love it! Happy 4th of July to your family as well!

July 4, 2012 - 9:30 pm

leonie - She is so beautiful, like her mommy!!!

Jigsaw London

When I was young, and I mean young, early teens young, we lived in Europe. And when I say Europe I mean Paris, and we traveled a lot, mainly across the channel, on the bumpy hovercraft from Calais to Dover, on which I  never threw up but everyone else in my family always did…but this post isn’t about the difference between the English and French or the above channel vs under-channel crossing… it’s about the first time I became aware of Jigsaw London, in London.  I remember peering through the large windows at the long winter coats on the mannequins, and the tailored suits on display, and the beautiful layered knits, and the fancy shoes and elegant hats… actually I don’t remember shoes or hats, I just knew that Jigsaw London was for the powerful working women of London and that one day I would dress just like them. Time went by, LOTS of time, and I ended up in LA, and I don’t dress like a powerful woman of London, and more like a working mom in LA, which usually consists of  jeans, a striped T, and sandals. (I am not the yoga pants type, and today was the only time I ever went out in public wearing my big white Karate pants. ) So when I found out that Jigsaw London had had a store in Beverly Hills for a few years now, I realized I had not been to Beverly Drive n a while, and how happy was I to discover, that except for the long coats (it is LA, and it is Summer) everything else was just like I remembered, and better… since it did update since 1987… and to my DELIGHT… stripes stripes stripes, everywhere! I had so much fun collaborating with Heather, the Jigsaw London – America blogger, to put together a little photos shoot with some of the outfits … I will be posting some more as they get published on the Jigsaw Blog, and I’ll start with the top seller shirt…In the mean time you can see some of them on the Jigsaw site here, here, and sale here


Happy Father’s Day Too

A. Two posts in one day???
B. Yes, I am milking this Lulu shoot! I am going to stretch it forever and ever!

But how could I not. Lulu’s dad was so sweet taking his time to take pictures with the girls, not knowing he’d end up starring on a father’s Day post…. He is an integral part in making Lulu’s room and home and style what it is, and probably a little bit more than that. SO Here’s to all the great fathers out there! Have a wonderful Father’s Day, Year, Life time!



I had a dream shoot this Sunday –

Modern hipster creative house, red head freckled spicy teenager, cute cooperative younger sister, loving parents and the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.

More coming soon.

June 14, 2012 - 4:25 am

leonie - Looking forward to seeing more. THis is gorgeous !

Los Angeles Children’s Photography

Yes, I have a website, an official one – dedicated to kids photography – but most of my visitors find me here on this blog – at so when I had the opportunity to share my favorite photos with a grip of peers, I took some time to go over my hard drives and pick MY favorites… photos that I like, even if they are not my kids, though some of them are… :) and since I created this small collection, I thought I might aswell display them in a gallery here…. Please enjoy!


June 6, 2012 - 12:54 pm

leonie - Fabulous gallery!!!!!

June 6, 2012 - 10:06 pm

Linda Ko - Gorgeous!!!

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