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Mother’s Day

SO yes, Mother’s Day is approaching, and I am all about that theme – even though my kids wont pose with me… I do get one image with my kids every year – an example can be seen here  but if your kids still allow hugs and kisses and poses – I am having some mini sessions at the studio on April 29th and 30th

Apropo Mother’s Day

I chose to blog this session because I am working on an album for them – we do an album every year – because you know – iphone photos are just not the same, and you can’t cry at pictures on a computer – it’s just not the same – anyways, that’s why I was editing these images again – and it’s such poignant timing as we approach mother’s day –  this mother daughter duo have been getting their portraits done for 7  years now, pretty much grew with my business – so if you were debating, hesitating, wondering – yes – you should hop into the camera’s frame with your kids!









My Heart

My second year of valentine Mini shoots was fast approaching and even though I was able to use some of the previous year’s images for marketing purposes, I wanted to get some new test shots with the pink backdrop and the multi color balloons I was planning on filling the studio with – so I asked ( begged, yelled threatened and bribed) Zoe to step in for a few minutes so I could try some ideas out – she has grown so much since last year   –  or maybe it’s just the look she gets when she’s in front of my camera – staring deep into my soul – but whatever it is – when I look at these images, and into her eyes (IRL) – she just melts my heart. She has my heart. She is my heart.

March 28, 2017 - 12:23 pm

Leonie Barel - Oh yes, in mine too!! Beautiful photos of a gorgeous girl.

Chocolate and Puppies- without chocolate


I wrote this post yesterday – not knowing that today IS (!!!)   National Puppy Day –  CRAZY!!!

This was my second year hosting a Valentine Day’s Mini Session in my studio – and since my friend had JUST gotten a new puppy – I had her bring her by for a mini mini session – you know what they say – Children and Puppies – hardest thing to photograph – NO KIDDING – or should I say no DOGGING! Oy!!! my humor ! Anyways – a much belated Happy Valentine’s Day  ( is there a special day dedicated to cute puppies?  I will have to check that out  – there may be a mini sessions for dog day on the horizon )


Jordan’s Bat Mitzvah at the Warehouse


If you’re wondering – yes, that IS a wall of donuts in the back – and yes, the kids waited all night before they were eaten! And what a night it was! Since Jordan is a dancer – you know everyone was on the dance floor all night! Dj Andre of So Crazy Entertainment kept the party going at The Warehouse . My favorite part of the night was the Father – Daughter dance which started off as a LaLaLand choreography and turned into a cool hip-hop routine that wouldn’t shame a Dancing With  Star Audition… And even though we just do a “mock “mitzvah ” at the Adat Ariel Temple – I heard Jordan sing and she has a beautiful voice – so I am sure that everything her friends said in their speeches – from how great she did at temple to how great a friend she is – is all true!

April 3, 2017 - 10:27 am

Nitza Ben-Yehuda - Yarden is beautiful inside and outside. The Bat Mitzvah was a source of pride to Saba and Safta. Especially her perfect reading from the Torah and her speech thereafter were absolutely amazing.
Wishing Yarden success in life in whatever path she chooses to pursue. GO YARDEN!

Much love! Neshikot!

Saba and Safta

April 4, 2017 - 12:36 am

AMIRA KNOLL - WOW!!! What a magnificent performance.
Jordan, you are a star.
Amazing pictures.

American Girl

Many many years ago, when we moved into a house in Los Angeles, I received the previous dwellerss catalogs… one of them had toys, and miniature collections, and and doll, American Doll, that had outfits and girls to match in their own matching outfits – it was cute, and pretty, and if I had had a daughter back then, I probably would have paid more attentions… instead – I got a magnetic miniature 50’s diner cafe… which I mostly still have somewhere in a box…and now I have my own American Girl obsessed girl of my own.. not his one – this is a friend, but how awesome does she look, just like her own doll? I love that!




Blue Look Headshots

I told them to wear any color between Black and white, and that blue would work great – everyone wore blue – and looked fabulous! These were headshots taken at their offices with my studio lighting – for the about page.. If you have a website, and your photo on it was shot outside, in the sun, your eye squinting, and the background is the tree sticking out of your head – please, pleas get in touch, and I’d be happy to help you with your professional headshots!

Beth Hillel Bar Mitzvah

Just a few photos from Casey’s Bar Mitzvah at Temple Beth Hillel…I photographed his sister’s Bat Mitzvah a year ago and it was great to see familiar faces> A fun party following a beautiful service that included a heart wrenching speech by the Bar Mitzvah boy…I am sometimes in awe of what kids know, feel and express, and this was one of these days I got to see it – Casey is a lovely boy and he had a great time on his big night  – as you can probably tell from these….

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