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So Valentine’s Day came and went, but it

s still the month of love, so this befits the occasion… it also is a good Monday post because getting out of bed is soooo hard – after getting two sleep -in mornings on the weekend, it seems extremely cruel to go back to the 6 am routine… but when I know I get to post these online I get up with no problems (that, and the fact that I want tog get the kids to school!!! ) so happy Monday! 02.22…cool date too!  Leegie was a pleasure to photograph, I visited her home to pick some favorite outfits and plan the shoot – we had her hair and make up done, it was all up and done, and we did some “fancy shoots” and then I asked her if she wanted to try one more thing – no clothes! Just a white sheet, her smile and her confidence… and of course, they ended up being her favorites!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I had my first set of  mini sessions in the studio last week and I had so much fun with the kids who came over – aged 6 months – 12 and then we had one more grown up session for a cute couple – I will post that separately… and in the mean time – the time of love ….


My yearly OC knoll shoot just before valentine’s day… I love the “Outtakes” almost as much as the final images, sometimes even more – the parent setting the kids crack me up every time – because they show the reality behind the image we portray…

Shar’s Beauty


So when I finished the studio, ( still working out the kinks…) I knew I had to start using it – and since I photographed Shar over the holidays with her family, I wanted to get her away from mamahood for a day and bring out her inner model – I mean who DOESNT want to look and feel great? I know I do! so I walked through her AMAZING closet and picked some outfits she has no where else to wear them to – and we made an appointment for a regular Wednesday ( you know, as a opposed to a special one) and after putting her in Kari‘s care, my wonderful hair and make up artist – she was ready – and off we went – Shar has only seen some sneak peeks and I know she loves them – I have some beautiful matted prints waiting for her – but I will be sad to say good bye to them…Thank you Shar for trusting me implicitly, and letting me try out  all these new, well,  everything is new in the studio,  on you!I am looking forward to our next shoot…

Zoe steps in the studio

I have been playing around in my new home studio – at some point I will post some before and after photos of the space, and in the meantime, I have been playing around and experimenting, some with daylight, some with my strobes and I just recently purchased some additional continuous lights that I wanted to play with and Zoe agreed – she seems so peaceful and cooperative here but Kyle was there to and of course they were fighting through it…but in between crazy faces I got her to let me photograph her like I wanted to, or almost – need to work on the wardrobe…

January 22, 2016 - 10:49 pm

Leonie - Wow. Those are gorgeous! She is gorgeous!

Dog Life

It was really nice to spend some time in Santa Monica – walking with Jersey the dog, and her best friend of 14 years…it was a beautiful Californians day and turns out I am not used to walking that much which is an excellent reminder to go back to walking/swimming/jumping running, whatever it is… that is not sitting in front of a computer writing on my blog… I mean, uuuhhhmmm… Anyways – I am not sure what is harder – photographing kids or Dogs…dogs definitely make you walk more, but you can yell at them…:))

Emily Sarah

I have been photographing Emily since she was a baby – first in black and white and then in color- and then in digital – she’s my cousin, my friend, my sister and my daughter…. and she loves everything that has been reused recycled re-everything .. she’s vegan, and she’s a student and she loves everything that was made /sold, sewn before 1972….

January 12, 2016 - 10:20 am

Leonie - What a great series!


So today I picked up my son from a friend’s house – and I tried to have a conversation with him, thankfully he admitted he wasn’t even listening, and I think he even commented “What do you want me to say…” he’ll be 12 in two days – and that’s when it really hit me – in two days, I will be a mother of a teenager. Me! What? I can’t be!!!! and yet I am… so then I asked if I could take a photos of him.. he said no – so I bribed him.

January 8, 2016 - 2:21 am

leonie - SO I would love to know, what bribe gets a teenage Kyle to let his photographer mom take photos of him?

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