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Hey Jesse!

Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel

You know they say, time flies, time flies when you’re having fun, enjoy it while it lasts, you don’t appreciate it till it’s over… and so on… and they’re probably right, I mean, 4 years have gone by since I photographed Camden‘s bar Mitzvah, and I swear, and I know I sound so old saying it, it was a minute ago!!!! Jesse was 9, adorable, and practically younger than my son is now – and here he is, celebrating his birthday, being bar mitzvah-ed, becoming a man… where did time go??? and Camden? seriously – and what else has happened in four years???? and before I become too sappy – I’ll just say, I am excited to work with this beautiful family again – and Jesse – I have a song stuck in my head from the Disney Show Jesse.. Sorry!

Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel
Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel
Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel
Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel
Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel
Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel
Los Angeles Bar Mitzvah Photography Beth Hillel

I’ve known them for what

I’ve known these girls for what seems like forever. If forever means since I have had kids, that’s pretty much the beginning of time as I know it. The kids went to the same preschool and then elementary school – and it’s been amazing to watch these beautiful girls grown and thrive, as a reflection to my own children who are more or less the same age…I try to imagine what these youngsters will look like and BE like when they grow up, and I realize, especially looking at these photos – that they are practically grown up already. And we just have to sit back and watch.

being high

I am kind of tall, and I have big and wide feet, and a sensitive back – which basically means I never ever wear heels – I know – they’re pretty, they make you tall, it makes your butt look smaller, it makes any outfit better, but I don’t fit and I cant walk or stand in them… so I decided to train Zoe early… NO!!!! Just kidding – we had these shoes from a shoot from a million years ago an she decided they almost fit and was time to practice – so I begged to get some photos – and she agreed! A rarity! But/ And I agree – it’s true – heels do make everything look better !



siblings without rivalry

I spent most of the summer back home, in Israel, and a lot of that time with my brother and his family…and on one of those days we go t up super early.. like 8 am, and delayed the breakfast, the pool and the beach and took some family photos…I wish I had a sister who would take pictures of my family… :)) so today is my brother’s birthday – and here’s my gift to him – Happy Birthday!

August 21, 2013 - 10:37 pm

leonie barel - Wow Shani, these are so beautiful!

August 22, 2013 - 12:26 am

Yael Naaman - You are a great person and photographer! The pictures are the best combination of technical and personality knowledge. This is a wonderful birthday present to your brother.


August 22, 2013 - 5:25 am

Sharon - wwwwwooooooowwwww.
אולי יותר טוב מתמיד??? תמיד התמונות מעולות הפעם נראה לי שאפילו יותר.

איזו נחת את עושה :-)

נשיקות וחיבוקים

August 22, 2016 - 6:04 am

Leoniebarel - And three years later they are still beautiful

A Los Angeles Bat Mitzvah Coming Up!

I took a long time away… I was back home for 5 weeks, with a quick stop in London to see my brother and the rest of the time was spent mostly tending to my kids’ impossible culinary demands and going to the beach.. and now I am back and going straight back to work (and school…well, the kids go back to school but it feels like I am going back to school….) so today I got to photograph this gorgeous girl whose Bat Mitzvah is this week…I cant tell you how much fun we had taking these photos – after a month break it was great – turns out I actually missed working! And of course while editing and posting I got to catch up on some important shows that recorded while I was away… so of course – good to be home!


UCLA wedding – summer time!

Besides the Beef and the Fish there was also a third option – the Carrot – which I got….

Gwynne and Trevor’s wedding took place at the college they met, the beautiful, east coast looking UCLA… we specifically went to the spot where they got to know each other over philosophy books, if I understood the Maid of Honor’s story…over books, these two smarties continued their love story across the country and no reside on the cold side of the continent – only to reappear for their fun, easy going lovely wedding – starting at the All Saints Church in Beverly Hills – and ending the night with a getaway car  at the beautiful Kerckhoff Hall Coffee House Patio at UCLA, not before we walked the campus for some fabulous locations, danced, ate and were generally merry… All this wouldn’t have been possible without Gwynne and Trevor going along with lal our suggestions and being true troopers and trusting me despite their camera shyness… shyness? And of course – the lovely coordinator who orchestrated it all to sail as smoothly as weddings can and should – Dee of No Worries Event Planning … and a special shout out to the fabulous Kristen who helped, supported and second shot!


July 14, 2013 - 2:32 pm

Karen Haynie - These pictures are so wonderful. Gwynne is a beautiful bride!!! God bless you both on this special journey together. Congratulations. I feel like I got to be at the wedding seeing these pictures. Best Regards, Karen Haynie

July 23, 2013 - 8:08 am

Lora Phillips - What a beautiful couple! It’s been a joy knowing Trevor all these years through his friendship with Brian. I pray for many wonderful years to come for him and Gwynne. Take care and God bless. Love, Lora.

August 7, 2013 - 9:04 pm

Casey - Flower Duet - Great job on capturing the couple!!!! We did the flowers… especially pleased to see them looking almost as stunning as the bride!!!! – Flower Duet

Malibu Beach Inn Getaway

When my friend said to me the magic words “I’d love to watch your kids for a weekend” I didn’t even hear the rest…. ok, it may not have been EXACTLY how it happened, I think it may have been more like this – “Sandra – When are you going to  watch my kids one weekend?” and that’s when she said “Whenever, I’d love to watch your kids for the weekend…. ” So we dropped the kids off and headed to the beach… we may have gone overboard, no pun intended, and spent a  well deserved night at the beachside Malibu Beach Inn. There’s not much to do there but stare at the endless water and listen to the pounding waves. And to take a few pictures…

F a c e b o o k
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