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Back East

So I had a million reasons to go east – but the main one was that I wanted to – get away – from the heat, from work, from home… to see what the other side looks like in the most beautiful season of the year – Fall, Autumn, not WINTER!!!! so i hopped on a plane, finding out just the day before how to even get into town, where to go… I got there so early in the morning, Starbucks was just opening up – and yeah, it tastes the same inBoston as it does in LA, the sun was just getting up, the birds were singing and wasn’t really that cold.

Anyways – that was last week – and now we’re back in the hot summer even in October so these are just cold long ago memories…

October 26, 2015 - 9:34 pm

Leonie - Ooh these are so beautiful !! Tempting me away from this land of extreme contrasts… To where there are seasons, water, quiet, and peace. A taste of something so in balance. At least so it appears

Andaz Hotel Bat Mitzvah in Hollywood

Hollywood is all about Glitz and Glamour, as it should be… so even though I had to sew Sofia’s red dress minutes before we were about to start shooting – to keep the show going  - I do what I need to do… The Andaz Hotel is quite the cool event hotel to host a fun, modern Bat Mitzvah party – and it’s quite close to TIOH where Sofia had her actual Bat Mitzvah services the same morning and if my memory serves me right – she did fabulously….or at least looked like she did, because after all – it is hollywood…


Pink Bat Mitvzah

When I think of a perfect Bat Mitzvah night, I think of this party – I didn’t even show everything that was going on that day – there were floral head bands being made, there were socks and hats being sprayed, there was her door from home to be signed on, there were lots of people, appetizers, dancers, kids, grandparents, lights, music, candy, videos, confetti… and a girl – lovely Rylee was sweet, poised, and having the time of her life – and based on the speeches that were made that night and from what I had gotten to know Rylee at her portraits session – she’s a lovely lucky girl, and as pick as can be.

Thanks to Dana Bresin for putting it all together at El Caballero Country Club



Bat Mitzvah Portrait – what does it take?

As time goes by I lear, that diamonds are not the girl’s best friend, but the hair dryer is. Hair is one of those Make or break things in life ( Ok, I exaggerate – it’s not important  in LIFE, but it sure makes a girl look good on her photo shoot) so what DOES it take to have a successful bat Mitzvah portraits session? Well, in life, as in my shoots I think anything goes – but in shoots, like in LIFe the more prepared one is, the better things go – butI also know that as prepared as one is – we always have to leave room for chance and also for things to go wrong…because sometimes things run late, sometimes the preparations take too long, sometimes we cant decide and sometimes…things just happen. I’m saying it now because on this day not everything went as planned – but in the end everything went right – and it all started with a great blow dry – because, as feminist and progressive as I am – I still think a good hair day is all it takes!!!!

September 2, 2015 - 9:07 am

Leonie - Beautiful. Yup, I think it’s all about preparing well and then letting go so things happen, not being too stuck in the plan….

Time Flies when you’re having fun

As part of my “Going back in time series” or Throw Back Thursday ( that can really happen any day – if I am blogging, who can wait till NEXT Thursday…) Anyways, as part of my catching up on blogging after months of not doing so… I look back at one of my favorite sets of kids – I have photographed them a few times over the years but haven’t always blogged about it – but here’s an example from 2011  while this is from late 2014 (yeah yeah – that’s why it’s a Throw Back) and look how much they’ve grown – it’s just part of why I love photography (maybe it’s time for a 10 reasons why I love photography…I hear THAT’s good for site traffic) I am just envious of their mom for having such great photos! Maybe I should talk to my kids about doing that some time soon!

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